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InterDost - Ozgur Bedenler

3 years Warranty

Ozgur Bedenler
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  What are the Products of Ozgur Bedenler

What are the Products of Ozgur Bedenler

Ozgur Bedenler manufacture those products:

  1. Aqualift Pool Lift
  2. Wheelchairs
  3. Beach Wheelchair
  4. Patient Lifts
  5. Bed Rails
  6. Grab Bars
  7. Transfer Boards
  8. Hydrolic Elevators for Disabled People
  9. Assistive Systems for walking for Handicapped People
    1. Canes and Walking Sticks
    2. Walkers
    3. Commodes
  10. Alumimium Ramps

Which distributions of brands and products does Ozgur Bedenler has?

Ozgur Bedenler has distribution of those brands and products:

  1. Mobility Systems for Vehicle : Autoadapt - Sweden
  2. Hydrolic Vehicle Lifts : Braun - USA
  3. Bathing Systems : Ezaccess - USA
  4. Wheelchair & Occupant Securement Systems : Q'Straint - England
  5. Ramps : Roll A Ramp - USA
  6. Slings : Silvalea - England
  7. Beach Wheels : Wheeleez - USA

Our Products :
Ozgur Bedenler Products :

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  1. Disabled products
  2. Products for disabled people
  3. Products for the handicapped people
  4. Products for elderly people
  5. Products for over weigth
  6. Mobility products
  7. Disablities
  8. Disablity
  9. Car environments
  10. Vehicle environments
  11. Vehicle systems for disabled people
  12. Transfer systems for disabled people
  13. Driver environment
  14. Loading systems
  15. Fastening systems
  16. Transport systems for disabled
  17. Wheelchair & Occupant Securement Systems
  18. Qstraint systems
  19. Autoadapt products
  20. Bruno products
  21. Q'straint products
  22. Roll a Ramp products
  23. Ramps
  24. Ramp for disabled people
  25. Vehicle design for disabled people
  26. Vehicles for disabled people
  27. Car systems
  28. Car design
  29. Hotel equipments
  30. Medical equipments
  31. Handicap products